Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Another Napoleonic game

We had another game using the General de Brigade rules but this time based on one of the scenarios from the book. The game started with the British advancing across the table in thick fog towards an as yet not seen French rearguard.

After about eight game turns the British right and French left began trading shots with the Cacadores running away like girls leaving the remainder of the brigade to fend for themselves and managed to just pass their morale test (it was a bad dice night for the British).

meanwhile the British pressed on with a very weak firefight on the extreme right (I guess the fog dampened their powder, or was it more poor dice rolling?).
At this point the French battery started up and, despite some poor dice, managed to cause some casualties on the British line who then failed to charge home right in front of the guns, with damp powder.

The second British brigade advanced out of the clearing fog at this point and the French began to withdraw. A charge by the Light Dragoons, which was met with a lacklustre counter charge by the French dragoons caused the latter to run away and the British, by sheer luck, managed to stop their cavalry from following up.
At this stage it was time to pack up and it was decided that the cinclusion was an honourable draw.

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