Monday, 16 February 2009

A Call To Arms

We braved the snow and Ice to put on a demo game at Call to Arms last weekend.

Using Warmaster Ancients rules a 1500 point Roman Legion had to advance through Woodland to reach a ford. Waiting in Ambush along the way were significant numbers of German warband.

The Romans advanced in two columns. Ambushes quickly appeared on either side. The Romans, anxious not to be caught in weak columns charged with the nearest available troops and quickly routed what appeared to be skirmishers.

However, having split the column the Roman commanders struggled to reform. The woods and distance between units (and some appalling dice!) making command and control almost impossible.

The head of the column however were oblivious to the dramas on the flank and encountered what appeared to be the main body of Germans lined up across the woodland track. An immediate charge decimated the Germans and the victorious Legion withdrew to await the remainder of the column. It was then that a horde of Germans lurking on a flank appeared and charged the retiring Legion. Taken in the flank it was the Romans turn to be destroyed.

The Roman commander was now in dire straights. The head of the column was destroyed with two strong units of Warband ready to repeat their victory. The column was split in to small groups with units below full strength following skirmishes with small units of Ambushers.

With the day coming to an end the Roman commander called every man for himself and left the baggage to the Germans.

A good game, based on Teuterberger Wald with a similar outcome.

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