Monday, 16 February 2009

Warmaster medieval Armies club game

We tried the new Warmaster Medieval rules on Tuesday evening. A 1500 point English Hundred Years War army against a similar strength French one.

The English army was primarily Bow and Knights/Billmen with a small reserve of Knights and Sergeants. The French were heavy on Knights and cavalry with crossbows and cannon in support.

The variant of the rules allowing battles to move in ‘brigade’ style regardless of the number in the unit allowed the English to move on to a hill and take up a position with stakes to their front. The French advanced very slowly towards it with an emphasis on their left where the English had left a gap.

Seeing the threat to their right the English angled back to receive what appeared to be a looming charge. A failed command roll prevented a weak line of archers from putting down stakes and the inevitable French charge caused several casualties.

The small English reserve of Sergeants however were in a position to plug the gap and realising this the French withdrew before being counter charged. With only two turns remaining the English attempted to make good the imbalance in casualties with a charge of their own which sadly did not cause any real damage to the French.

The rules worked well with the subtle changes on battles and smaller fall backs from shooting giving a period feel to the game. The English needed to be defensive but this prevented any use of initiative. Having worked hard to get in to contact at a weak point the French did enough to secure a points victory.

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