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Black Powder for The Italian Wars

Again, using Black Powder as a base, one of our members has comeup with the following amendments to allow Black Powder to be used for the Italian Wars, with big units.

What we must realise is that these are still in the process of being tested and thus are not final versions but please feel free to give them a go.

The Great Italian Wars

Command dice

Exceed command on 2D6 and movement is restricted to 50% of standard move

A roll equal to or one below the command entitles the unit(s) to move 100% of standard move

A roll of 2 or more under the command entitles the unit to(s) to move 150% of standard move

Once within 12 “ of enemy all moves are subject to initiative no die rolls and all moves are 100% of standard

No interpenetration is allowed through a pike block, units will flow around a pike block. If that is impossible the unit will become disordered and will make its way to the rear of the pike block in a state of disarray, and will need to be rallied by a brigade commander


Orders may be given to brigades or individual units. Should a unit be asked to include any other movement than moving forward it must be given an individual order.

Units and StaminaTinySmallStandardLargeExtra Large
Less than 1011 to 2021 to 4041 to 6060+

Per 8” distance from commander to unit-1
Enemy unit within 8” of unit receiving order-1
Column, limbered artillery+1
Column, limbered artillery on road or track+2

Pike block8”7”6”
Gendarmes 15”14”
Light Cavalry18”17”16”
Commanders on foot12”
Commanders mounted18”

Light artillery24”/12”/6””
Heavy Artillery36”/18”/9”
Shooting to hit modifiers
Artillery shooting at column or square+1
Close range (4”), closing fire, skirmishers+1
Shooters Shaken or Disordered-1
Target skirmishers, deployed artillery or Not Clear-1
Artillery at over half range-1
Cannon shooting overhead-1
Size modifiers
Extra Large Unit+2 dice shooting+3 combat
Large Unit+1 dice shooting+2 combat
Small Unit-1 dice shooting-2 combat
Tiny Unit1 dice only shooting1 dice only combat
Tactical modifiers
Enfilading infantryShoot X2 dice
Enfilading artilleryShoot X2 dice

Save modifiers
Infantry in column unless hit by artillery+1
Target within woods, hedgerows or similar (light cover)+1
Target within buildings/fortifications (heavy cover)+2
Hit by artillery fire at long range-1
Hit by artillery at medium or close range-2
Target in melee with mounted includes pikes+1

Combat to hit modifiers
Won last round of combat+1
Pike advantage (First round of melee)+1
Shaken or disordered-1
Engaged to flank or rear-1
Combat result modifiers
Threat to exposed flank -1
Threat to exposed rear-2
Pike block vs. cavalry+3
Occupying buildings +2

Period Rules

All guns are laid and may not be moved once the combat commences

Pike block are always in column, they may not move 90 degrees to left or right, but may wheel at a cost of 50% of movement

All other troops are always in line

Swiss have no Brigade commander each pike block, and its skirmishers is autonomous

Move Modifiers

Woods Skirmishers only and at 50% of normal rate

Rough Ground Skirmishers 100%, all others at 50%

Crossing and obstacle 50% penalty

Entering a building 50% penalty


French GendarmesEliteLance703+Rash

Pike advantage




Determined charge
French ArchersTrainedLance604+Lance
French X-bowTrainedX-bow234+
French PikeMilitiaPike605+Pike advantage

Venetian GendarmesTrainedLance604+Lance
Venetian ArquebusMilitiaArquebus125+
Venetian PikeMilitiaPike605+Lance
Swiss pikeElitePike703+Rash





Determined Charge
Swiss ArquebusTrainedArquebus234+
Black Band ArquebusEliteArquebus233+Elite

Mtd Black Band ArquebusTrainedArquebus124+
Spanish GenetesTrainedJavelin304+Marauders
Milanese GendarmesTrainedLance604+Lance
Milanese X-bowMilitiaX-bow125+
Spanish ArquebusEliteArquebus233+Elite



Spanish PikeElitePike703+Pike advantage





Landsknecht ArquebusTrainedArquebus134+
Landsknecht PikeTrainedPike604+Hatred

Pike advantage

Spanish GendarmesTrainedLance604+Lance
Imperial GendarmesTrainedLance604+Lance

RashIf the unit wins a melee only a throw of 5 or 6 on a D6 will prevent them from automatically going on a sweeping advance
HatredWhen engagement between Swiss and Landsknecht neither side will give way therefore no side will break from a melee until it has lost 3 consecutive rounds
Pike advantageCannot be attacked by horse if in good order to front
EliteAt start of command if disordered roll D6 and remove if 4+
LanceOn Charge -1 morale against cavalry and -2 against infantry
Reliable+1 Command
BraveShaken units rally on 4+ if more than 12 “ from enemy
SteadyPass first break test automatically
Determined chargeMust charge where able to do so
MaraudersIgnore distance modifier for command

Biocca specifics

The earthworks represent a major obstacle and the attacking troops when they reach the sunken road and the earthworks must roll a D10 to see if they can succeed in crossing both obstacles.

On a roll of a D10 on a roll of 1 or 2 the assailants will have breached the obstacle and will be at the top of the earthworks

If not they are to remain at the base of the sunken road

Whilst at the base of the earthworks the artillery may fire at them at point blank range as the earthworks were configured to allow the sunken road to be enfiladed

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