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Black Powder for Glorious Revolution

As a club we are quite taken with the Black Powder rules published by Warlord Games and have been tinkering with them for Pike and Shot. Below are the stats we use for the Glorious Revolution, or Nine Years War period, specifically for the wars in Ireland


No double or triple movement within 12” (engagement range) of formed infantry

All units get first fire advantage, Platoon firers get the chance to re roll one failed firing die per turn

For a failed command roll raw units may not move at all, , any other units will move 2” for a failed command roll

No voluntary interpenetration is allowed, troops may only flow round friends if there is a gap at least a base width. Any other interpenetration will cause disorder to both units.

Orders may be given to brigades or individual units. Should a unit be asked to include any other movement than moving forward it must be given an individual order.

Any order requiring a unit to wheel, retrograde or incline must be separate, thus a unit with three orders may move forward for one, wheel for one then move forward once more. Thus each manoeuvre will require a separate order.

Type of troopsStandard sizeLargeSmallTiny
Infantry18 (three bases)24+12-185-6
Cavalry6 (two bases)9+3
Artillery1 gun and crew

Per 8” distance from commander to unit-1
Enemy unit within 8” of unit receiving order-1
Column, limbered artillery+1
Column, limbered artillery on road or track+2

Command roll -3 or moreCommand roll = or -2Command roll = or -1Charge
Infantry, limbered artillery, wagons12”8”4”6”
Cavalry, 22”16”10”18”
Manhandled light artillery6”4”2”-
Commmanders on foot12”---
Commanders mounted18”---

Pistols and thrown weapons4”
Bow and arrow8”
Light artillery24”/12”/6””
Shooting to hit modifiers
Artillery shooting at column or square+1
Close range (4”), closing fire, skirmishers+1
Shooters Shaken or Disordered-1
Target skirmishers, deployed artillery or Not Clear-1
Artillery at over half range-1
Cannon shooting overhead-1
Size modifiers
Large Unit+1 dice shooting+2 combat
Small Unit-1 dice shooting-2 combat
Tiny Unit1 dice only shooting1 dice only combat
All musket unit+1 dice shooting
Platoon FirersMay re roll one failed firing die per turn
Formation modifiers
ColumnMay not shootFight 1 dice
SquareShoot 1 diceFight 2 dice per face
Tactical modifiers
Enfilading infantryShoot X2 dice
Enfilading artilleryShoot X2 dice

Save modifiers
Infantry in column unless hit by artillery+1
Target within woods, hedgerows or similar (light cover)+1
Target within buildings/fortifications (heavy cover)+2
Hit by artillery fire at long range-1
Hit by artillery at medium or close range-2
Target in melee with mounted includes pikes+1

Combat to hit modifiers
Won last round of combat+1
Pikes in unit (first round only)+1
Shaken or disordered-1
Engaged to flank or rear-1
Combat result modifiers
Support to rear (friendly unit charging with chargers and within 6” of enemy contacted) +1
Square vs cavalry+3
Per flank support (charging with chargers and threatening enemy in combat, within 6”)+1
Occupying buildings (size)1-3


Foot GuardsEliteRank firers733+4Crack


Veteran British InfantryElitePlatoon firers634+3Reliable

British InfantryLinePlatoon firers634+3Reliable

Dutch GuardsGuardsPlatoon firers733+4Crack



Dutch, Danish InfantryLinePlatoon firers634+3Reliable

French infantryLineRank firers634+3Reliable

Old Irish InfantryLineRank firers634+3Reliable

Newly raised Irish infantryRawRank firers525+2Unreliable

Freshly Raised
Williamite CavalryLine714+3Reliable


Jacobite, French cavalryLine714+3Reliable


Superbly drilled

First Fire +1 dice on first shot of battle
CrackRe-roll one failed morale save if you have no casualties already
Reliable+1 command
SteadyPasses first break test of the battle
EliteOvercome disorder at start of command on roll of 4+
Tough fightersRe-roll one missed combat attack
UnreliableNo move on equal command roll
StubbornRe-roll one failed morale save
Superbly drilledFree move if command failed
MaraudersIgnore distance modifiers for command
Freshly raisedFirst shot or melee, roll 1XD6

1 Terror-all shots and melee dice require 6 to hit

2-3 Panic- all shots and melee dice require 6 to hit

4-5 Sterling Job-no adverse effects

6 Huzzah-1 extra dice for shooting or melee this turn

Examples for the Jacobite wars in ireland:

Elite British units would include Senior infantry regiments such as Kirke’s Lambs, Dumbartons (Royal Scots), Footguards and Cavalry Lifeguard.

Guard status would be reserved for the Dutch Gard de Voet and Danish garden til Fods.

The majority of Jacobite regiments in Ireland would be Raw with some of the more senior regiments, such as The Grand Priors Regiment would be Line. Thus for each three raw units one may be line or better.

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